This small body of work holds special meaning for me.  After an event in my life in 2011, I stopped photographing for almost a year, despondent and unable to pick up my camera.  One day, as I struggled to force myself to do another model shoot but realizing I didn't have the energy for that, I decided to make a human form by myself, out of found materials.  I used branches and vegetation from the garden, a wire body form that stands about 2 feet tall, and gauze, as well as other household items.  I put these elements together to suit me, with the intention of making something that had some human characteristics that suggested movement, but had questionable authenticity . . . The first figure I made stood about 3 feet tall when finished.  I took many shots of her and then dismantled her, never to be seen again.  This first figure was a start .. she excited me and I then wanted to create another one.  I slowly made more and more of these figures, and produced this small body of work.  I've named this portfolio "Coming from Darkness" since it gave me the energy to climb out of my heavy mental state and get on with my photography.