What is a Lith print?

          • Lith printing is a technique of overexposing a black & white, infrared, or color negative onto a suitable gelatin silver paper, and then only partially developing it in a very dilute Lith developer. This can produce prints with special properties and characteristics in terms of tonal distribution and response to toners. The choice of papers, developers, chemistry temperature, number of prints run through the developer, etc., can all produce hugely varying results. This is what makes Lith printing somewhat unpredictable and fun. I never cease to be surprised by some results. Tim Rudman’s books are very detailed and full of information about the Lith process, and I highly recommend getting them and devouring the information he gives out. With the new digital age, there are fewer and fewer papers left on the market that will ‘lith’ and many of the chemistry choices have also been taken off the market. Hopefully, with renewed interest in antique processes such as Lith printing, some of the paper and chemical companies will keep us going.
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